Our Core Values


I will lend my hand and mind to those in need without expecting anything in return. I will demonstrate leadership to those who need guidance whether I place myself in that position or find myself there unexpectedly. I will do so for others regardless of age, color, gender, culture, or background. I am a valuable resource to others. I will continue to find ways to make meaningful contributions.


I will tolerate the small stressors in my life and persevere the big ones. The trauma, violence, loss, or adversity I’ve lived will not stop me – I will persist and learn from it. When I need help I will realize it and seek the support of others. ┬áMy strength will serve to inspire others who have experienced the same. I will do more than survive – I will thrive.


I will be honest with myself and others. Actions towards myself and others with be motivated by morality and good character. While no one is flawless, I will learn from my mistakes and grow from them. I can depend on myself. Others can depend on me.


I am excited about life and what it has to offer. I will seek out new ways of understanding myself and my place in this world. I will focus on my education. I will keep an open mind and embrace new opportunities. I will build on my strengths. I will be mindful of my weaknesses. My future is bright.